Blacklight Studios

Blacklight Studios is a semester-long pre-production development team of the Entertainment Technology Center’s year long game studio project. The goal in the Spring semester to accomplish pre-production of a ‘AAA’ quality game project. This includes design documents, playable prototypes of major game mechanics, concept art, and narrative details. The studio’s goal is to develop a pre-production package that can be used by a team in Fall 2020 to produce and publish a game professionally. Most importantly, the goal of Blacklight Studios is to explore and experience real world hardships of the pre-production process, and receive insight into the importance of pre-production in a professional space.

Project Instructors: Chris Klug, Ricardo Washington

Project Members: Brandon Badger, Yang Lei, Drew McLamb, Min Pan, Tyler Thompson, Ruofan (Edmund) Zhang

  • Brandon Badger
  • Yang Lei
  • Andrew McLamb
  • Tyler Thompson

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700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219