Joyride is a team at the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) collaborating with Heather Kelley of the ETC,  Patrick Carrington of HCII, and Theresa Devine of ASU to create and host ChairJam. ChairJam is a three-day Game Jam / Hardware Hackathon to create interactive experiences which highlight a sense of joy around wheelchair use. Instead of focusing on the practical and traditional uses for wheelchairs, this project seeks to explore their design and possibilities from a playful perspective. What delightful experiences are possible when we look past the ordinary?

Team Members: Sixue (Yuki) Cheng, Muhammad Mir, Parker Ramsey, Jiajun Tan, Jinyi Ye

Project Instructors: Heather Kelley, Ricardo Washington

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700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219