Now I Get It!
A Transformational ‘Game’ Jam

In the Spring of 2015, the ETC hosted the Now I Get It! Jam over a weekend in which we put developers, educators, and experts in a room for 2 days and they produced seven prototype experiences, one for each of the incredibly diverse & serious challenges. We hope this event inspires others, and are planning to host more of these jams regularly, and so we have posted many of the materials from the jam here.

Now I Get It?

In any domain there are concepts that are hard for learners and outsiders to truly understand. Sometimes these concepts are hard because they are intellectually difficult. Sometimes they are hard because they are abstract. Sometimes they are hard because they are unrelatable.

Interactive media can be a powerful tool to bring these concepts to life and create moments of insight for players. This can be in the form of games, animations, simulations, interactive stories, etc.

The immediate goal of the Now I Get It! Jams is to tackle these hard concepts and create an experience that generates a “Now I get it!” moment. A secondary goal is to promote collaboration between educators and developers, leading to future partnerships.

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