Action in Motion is Back in Action!

We’re back, ladies and gentlemen! It’s the second day of the new semester, and we’re beyond excited to be following up last semester’s successful tech demo with a deeper design exploration into motion control combat mechanics, finishing with a full playable mission!

We’ll keep you updated as we move forward, but first, some introductions are in order. Anthony Palma, our wonderful producer and one of our programmers, has set off on the grand journey of starting a company focused on combining his passions of comedy and games. We’re sad to see him go, but it’s a great opportunity for him, and we wish him all the best! Pei Hong Tan, our concept and texture artist, has stepped up to become our producer, leveraging his excellent organizational skills, selfless demeanor, and devastating martial arts prowess.

This also gave us the opportunity to welcome programmer Chenyang Xia to the team! His background in Unity, Kinect, 3d math and AI programming, as well as his natural design intuition, made him the natural pick, and we’re happy to have him aboard.


It's Chen!

Chen and our new workspace!

Thanks for all the interest that we’ve received – if we’re lucky and make smart enough choices, we hope to have a really special butt-kicking robot experience to give to the community by the end of the semester. Stay tuned!

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