GDC, Zeemotes, and Kinect combat on Gamasutra

The team just got back from GDC last week – talk about exhausting!  This week is our spring break, so we’re taking it easy.  By crunching for next week’s major half-semester presentation!  That’s right, crunch is how we relax now.  This has been a key adaptation.

A minor point of hilarity: GDC attendees this year found free Zeemotes in their goodie bags.  Totally caught us by surprise (at the time we chose to adopt it, Zeemote appeared to be quite frankly dead, which pleasantly turns out to have been a hasty judgement), but it’s nice to know that there’ll be a reasonable quantity of people who’ll be able to try out Action in Motion with its intended control peripheral.  Just remember, we liked them before they were cool!

That weird-looking bubble-wrapped doohickey in your swag bag? All the more reason to try out Action and Motion later this year!

We’d also like to point you in the direction of an excellent article by Nick Adams from Blitz Game Studios on Kinect combat.  Long-time Action in Motion fans will recognize some familiar mantras (“Exaggerating the player’s input can be used to create a more heroic experience” – why yes, I suppose we do agree with that!), but even for us it was definitely worth a read.  We’re glad that more games are coming to market that focus on motion-control combat, and can’t wait to check out their title!

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