Preparing for Halves!

1/2 semester presentations are today for Action in Motion and we’ve been incredibly busy preparing our demos for this presentation.  We’ll be showing two demos today as well as a good bit of our finished artwork.

On the art side:

  • Enemy Character is modeled, rigged, textured and animated
  • Hero Character is modeled, rigged, textured, animated and has a cloak with a cloth sim and weapon trails on his wrist blades
  • Environment is modeled, textured and has next-gen deferred rendering in place
On the programming side:
  •  Prototype 3 (Artificial Intelligence and Zeemote joystick integration) has been completed and AI now chases and swarms enemy while looking for an open position from which to strike
  • Prototype 4 (Per-bone blended attacks and combos) has also been completed and an in-to-out combo attack is possible with the right arm
The completion of Prototype 4 is very significant because the real meat of this project was getting this blending technology working between 1:1 captured Kinect input and pre-authored animations.  We are very happy with the result thus far and will continue to refine our algorithms to make the blending as smooth as possible.
And now for some artwork and screenshots!

Hero Rigg

Enemy Rigg

Environment, Concept to Final Model

Artificial Intelligence

Blending (Left: Animation. Middle: Blended Rigg. Right: 1:1 Kinect Input)

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