Anthony’s new company, Kermdinger Studios, is wildly successful-esque

Anthony Palma, our endearingly bro-ish former producer and programmer who was part of the founding team, is off to an amazing start with his new indie dev company/project, Kermdinger Studios!  They just won a major CMU venture pitch competition! Are we surprised?  No. Proud?  Heck yes. Jealous?  Kinda. Way to… Continue reading

Global Game Jam!

That’s right – we’re busy, but never too busy to screw up our sleep schedules with a glorious 48 hours of game-developing mayhem!  For this year’s Global Game Jam, the 4 of us teamed up with 2 other friends to make Ka-Chunk, a spinning 2-player head-to-head physics/block puzzler with borderline… Continue reading

Action in Motion is Back in Action!

We’re back, ladies and gentlemen! It’s the second day of the new semester, and we’re beyond excited to be following up last semester’s successful tech demo with a deeper design exploration into motion control combat mechanics, finishing with a full playable mission! We’ll keep you updated as we move forward, but first, some… Continue reading

Work Since Halves – Prototypes 5 & 6, effects, animation variations, more attacks!

The team has been very hard at work since halves presentations. On the programming side, prototypes 5 and 6 are finished and the programmers are now working on polishing the existing material and adding in more content as planned. Prototype 5 consisted of more blended slashes being implemented, and Adam… Continue reading