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Presenting: Questmania

Q. What is Akili?

Akili seeks to foster the knowledge and skills students need to succeed.
A. Team Akili is developing a tablet trivia game for High School students

Team Akili is developing a tablet trivia game for High School students . Develop in conjunction with the Opportunity Education Foundation, the Trivia Game will focus on self-assesment and life skill development. OEF is developing Quest, a learning platform that will enable young people around the globe. Akili’s game will build off of this learning platform and provide additional opportunities to use the knowledge gained through Quest.

  • Self Assessment

    Players can Self Assess their knowledge from Quest

  • Life Skills Development

    Players can practice Life Skills in the form of Real Life Challenges

  • Competition

    The game allows players to Compete with each other

  • Quest Integration

    The game Integrates with the Client's Quest App


Meet the Members of Akili
Ruchi Dangwal
Artist, UX/UI
I am interested in designing interactive themed environments and story driven experiences across a broad spectrum of interactive entertainment production.
Kanglei Fang
Mobile Programmer
Laxman Deepak Raj Jayakumar
Producer, Backend Programmer
Amy Stewart
Game Designer, Sound Designer
I am a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University studying Entertainment Technology where I focus on game / narrative design and sound design. I like exploring interactive narrative and creating story through design.
Adarsh T.P.
Designer, Programmer
Jessica Hammer
Faculty Instructor
Jessica Trybus
Faculty Instructor

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