The goal of the ETC’s a udience Interaction Project is to explore engaging and interactive activities for audiences. Using a video camera, computer, green screen, projector, and projection screen, we are able to superimpose our guest on screen into 3D virtual environments in real time, with special effects. In addition, our guests can interact with the virtual environment and its inhabitants with special light emitting rings, and also through movement, both of which are tracked using real-time image processing on our computer.

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to create a fun, engaging experience through an interactive and artistic atmosphere. Through tracking motion and detecting light, the audience can affect the virtual surroundings by triggering and controlling the special effects implemented. This project is also designed to serve as a supplementary activity to augment the space it is in to transform a mundane atmosphere into an interesting environment. This ultimately can be utilized in venues such as clubs, lounges, or just about any social setting.

Photo: Children at the Pittsburgh Children's museum interacting with the system.

Target Audience

Our experience is geared towards a small scale audience of approximately 3 -5
participants at a time, and for all ages.


This projectis a multi-entry level system
, meaning our participants can join the project at any given time and depart at any giving time. There is no winning or losing, no beginning nor an ending.