By facilitating the placement of properly registered 3D models into a real-time video feed, the Augmented Reality Gaming Table opens up new possibilities for tangible, physical interfaces to mixed reality games.

The Augmented Reality Gaming Table is based on software called ARToolKit, which was developed at the University of Washington by Mark Billinghurst and his team.

Our rig is composed of off-the-shelf parts, including a webcam, a projector (though any display would suffice), and a high-end comsumer-level computer. The camera is placed at a three-quarters angle to the playing surface so that the video feed contains the maximum ammount of dimensionality. The feed from the camera is processed by ARToolKit, along with our own custom game code, and projected on the display surface with the additional virtual elements included. Our rig includes 5.1 surround speakers for 3D audio capability.

We prototyped two games, the Augmented Wizard Duel and Cannon Fodder, and designed two other games, AR Pong and Spheres of Influence (created by Jesse Schell). Click on the titles below to learn more about each design.

In addition to the above designs, we've made a simple demo of how the ARToolKit technology can be applied to another long running ETC project, VirPets. Click here to read more about this demo.

ARPE is a project group at the Carnegie Mellon
University Entertainment Technology Center.