What is Retro Robot?

Retro Robot is an augmented reality scavenger hunt-type game based on wireless tracking technology.


Players traverse the real space of the PTC, interacting with virtual characters while trying to collect a series of virtual items and reach a specific physical and virtual location. Various virtual obstacles such as Monkeys and a roaming Booze Cloud present challenges to the completion of these tasks. In addition, players can interfere with or aid one another.


Between the dimensions exists the planet Retropolis, the land where robots go when they become outdated. On this planet, these robots have only one responsibility, to maintain the machinery of the universe.

To aid in their work, the robots built the Dimensional Stabilizer, which keeps the dimensions separate. However, once the machine was built, the robots had nothing to do and bent their energies toward transforming their planet into a pleasure palace where they could pursue their various leisures. Necessary functions such as “Save” and “Defragment”, were transformed into “Groove” and “Dig It.”

As the robots lounged, the Stabilizer fell into disrepair, eventually exploding into pieces. Now, the dimensions of Man, Machine and Monkey have started merging into one!!!

As it turns out, the top floor of our building maps pretty closely onto a floor of Retropolis. Each player must take inter-dimensional control of a Robot from Retropolis. Now present in two dimensions, the players must navigate through both dimensions at once to collect the pieces of the shattered Dimensional Stabilizer and set the Universe right.

Don’t forget to watch out for Monkeys!!!

Style and Theming

  • As the title suggests, Retro Robot is highly themed with a retro-lounge aesthetic. The art is evokes a 1960s bachelor pad look. The music is influenced by Dick Hyman, Henry Mancini and others, and is a mixture of electro and lounge. The space is aurally painted with both the non-diegetic music, and the diegetic sounds of conversation, room atmosphere, radiation, and monkeys.

  • Visual Concept Art

  • Audio Samples



ARPE is a project group at the Carnegie Mellon
University Entertainment Technology Center.