Week 13

This being the week before our softs presentation, we focused mainly on the following things:

  • Playtesting at East Franklin
  • Taking input from the advisers on what has to be done by softs
  • Implementation of the updates from the previous week
  • Solidification of the game build
  • Softs presentation

We also worked on the new backgrounds for the subtraction world


Playtesting at East Franklin

We playtested all the changes that were made last week at East Franklin and got valuable feedback with it. We has a meeting with the teacher as well and showed her all the aspects of the game that are finished as well as in progress. She gave us input on the updates that she would like to see in the game which included adding a timer robot, having an animation that showed regrouping, etc.

Input from the advisers

We started the week by discussing with the advisers on what should be there in the build by softs and started working on the implementation of the same. Our plan was to work on everything we needed for softs during the week and have the build playtested with our advisers on Friday so that we know where we stand and can work on their feedback.

Implementation of the updates

After all the research and input, we had all the following updates implemented in our game build

  1. The major update is the implementation of the subtraction world in the game build.
  2. Subtraction has a different map with different scene backgrounds for the robots.
  3. The new icons for the game with different levels
  4. Voice overs for the robots
  5. Sound (balancing it throughout the game)
  6. Regrouping of the subtraction exercises

Solidification of the game build

We gathered our revised assets together to create a new build for playtesting. We put the new map for subtraction, sound effects, and code together within Unity.

Our build before softs has the following things

  1. Profile
  2. Addition world
  3. Map with parallax
  4. Robot defect detection
  5. Icons showing different levels
  6. Feedback for both right and wrong answer
  7. Different levels of the exercises
  8. Exercises with regrouping
  9. Sounds and voice overs
  10. Robot animations

The following are the few screenshots from our build for softs that we presented to our advisers.


While having the game playtested by the advisers, we received input like:

  • Few exercises in subtraction had all zeros (0-0) when tried to jump through levels. That needs to be updated.
  • The game crashed sometimes, and it definitely shouldn’t happen in softs
  • Minor bugs that need to be removed

We spent the rest of our core hours on Friday by implementing the feedback we got from our advisers so that we have our final game build for our softs presentation.

After the softs presentation, we have a list of things that we are planning to work on

  • Updating website
  • Promotional video
  • Demo Video
  • Post mortem report of our game
  • Final Presentation
  • Archive
  • Customization
  • Data Collection