Week 14

This week we had many major updates done in our game. Though our softs went great and most of the feedback was positive,we had a few minor suggestions on our lay out and game play.  We worked on it and gathered our assets together to create a new build for our final playtesting at East Franklin. Also, this being the final week before showcase, we had the following things done and updated depending on the feedback from our clients and our advisors from softs.

  1. New build before the showcase
  2. Final playtesting session
  3. Promotional video of our game
  4. A teacher’s guide
  5. Preperations for the showcase
  6. Coloring sheets

NEW BUILD BEFORE THE SHOWCASE: We had a new build ready by friday after implementing the feedback we got from our previous playtesting session and from our advisors. The major updates this build has were:

-the new feedback button: After getting negative feedback on the existing feedback button which has a power symbol on it, our artist worked on updating it. The new feedback button now has a bolt symbol on it with a different colour.

-the battery: One of the feedbacks we got from softs was that we should include the progress level in the exercise screen and the robot page so that the players can know where they stand in the game. So we came up witha n idea of including a battery on the top right corner of the page which shows the progress level.

-the loading feedback: After getting a feedback from the faculty that it takes more time than needed to get into the exercise page after clicking on the icons, we came up with a loading feedback which appears during the wait time.

-the voice overs and sounds: We had the voice overs of the robots tweaked so that it is much clear and also the sound adjusted such that it does not over lap anywhere.

-the background music: Obliging with the teacher’s request, we now have a button on the screen where the players have an option to turn on/off the background music without any relation to the special effects sounds in the game.

FINAL PLAYTESTING SESSION: We conducted our final play testing session at East Franklin on friday. The client, teacher and the students loved our game. The only feedback from the playtesting session we had was about our re-grouping exercise in the subtraction. The teach, after observing the children, requested for a revised game play for the regrouping which we have decided will update before our showcase.

PROMOTIONAL VIDEO OF OUR GAME: Following our director’s agenda on the promotional video, we came up with a script which has all the team members, client, teacher talking about the game and how it has shaped up. In the video,

-We had our producer give the introduction and how the game progressed to accomplish what is was supposed to

-we filmed the teacher talk about her expectation and how the game has helped her solve the issue she was having

-the client spoke about the meetings and the final product

A TEACHER’S GUIDE: We came up with a document which has all the information about our game and how to go about it for the teacher. This basically has all the things the teacher needs to know about our app for her to successfully use all its content while using it.

COLORING SHEETS: One of the suggestions we got from our faculty members was to include a physical reward for the children after they finish the exercises in the game. So we added a spoot in our websites where the teacher gets the access to download and print the outlines of our robots so that the children can color them.

PREPARATION FOR THE SHOWCASE: After our final playtest on friday, we spent the rest of the week on updating the feedbacks from the teacher and getting ready for the showcase. There were certain things that our director had specified in his agenda for the showcase. We decided on having all that done by a day before our showcase so that we can polish it depending on the feedback we get from our advisors. One other big thing is that our clients from East Franklin will be visisting us during our showcase so we want to have everything they had requested done and built in the game for them to look at when they are here.

For the showcase we have all the following things updated and done:

  1. Final build of our game
  2. Promotional video
  3. Completed website
  4. A teacher’s guide