Weekly Newsletter – WEEK 13

On Monday, Elaine worked remotely in Indiana on the lesson plan, two page contract as well as other documentation required. The rest of the team worked on adding the final UI as well ensuring that the theme of the game matched the theme that had been decided together.

On Tuesday, all the faculty of the ETC came to play the game as well as give advice and feedback about the various changes made to the game since halves. The team came together after the play-test to make important decisions on changes and additions to be made to the game. We decided to add a character selection screen, which allowed the user to choose a different colored robot as his character. Faculty like Jesse and Dave also suggested that we make refinements in the UI as well as to make changes to camera rotation as it was proving to be too disorienting. The designers designed more levels that were needed to be added before the Friday play-test and Kanishk recorded all the audio instructions for the game in the sound booth.

On Wednesday, the character selection screen was implemented, the sound effects and background music was added for each level as well for the overworld. The team play-tested the game with 20+ kids who visited the ETC. Elaine met up with an expert on computational thinking and got constructive feedback on level progression and the art of teaching skills to beat a puzzle/strategy game. More levels were designed for the game and the team came together to make thematic and visual clarifications and decisions. Kanishk also worked on editing the recorded sound to give it a more “robotic feel”.

The whole of Thursday, the team worked till midnight incorporating all the changes and additions that were made during the week like adding the levels designed, UI and particle systems.

On Friday, Kanishk and Elaine went to Colonial School for the play-test to showcase the new version of the game after the implementation of the changes made during the week. It was a successful play-test because the children played and cleared all the 18 levels that we had implemented. This made their approximate play time for one session to be around thirty minutes. We also got feedback from our Client Audrey and recorded her to add that clip to our Promo Video. After the play-test, the team also made further refinements to the overworld as well as adding randomized background music for the levels in preparation for Softs.