Week 16: Mission Accomplished

Our final deliverables were handed off to the clients last week and we asked them to use it to see if there were any read more..


Week 15: Final Deliverables

This week we had our last or maybe second last milestone in the form of Soft Opening. We set up our room into basically four stations read more..


Week 14: Soft Opening

For those who do not know what exactly ‘Soft Opening’ is, our Director Drew Davidson sent out a nice e-mail explaining its significance read more..


Week 13: Playtest Week

This week we all worked hard to get ready for the playtest that we scheduled on Wednesday. We planned to test our first two games along with our tools read more..


Week 12: The Third Game V2.0

No, I am not that lazy to not change the title from last week. The truth is that this is something that we all are engrossed in right now read more..


Week 11: The Third Game

The title pretty much sums up the topic of discussion for this week. The week started off with this discussion read more..


Week 10: Second Milestone: Halves

This was halves week for project teams at the ETC. We had our presentation on Wednesday, before which we were mainly focusing read more..


Week 8: Spring Break?

This week started later than usual as a lot of our team members were busy at the Game Developers Conference read more..


Week 7: Playtest Week

We kicked off this week by showing off our rough version of the revamped Supermarket game. Although the theming for read more..


Week 6:Dwelling in a Supermarket Weekly Newsletter

This week has pretty much been about the Supermarket game. Our main focus was in coming up with ideas for the flow and mechanics of the game and discussing read more..


Week 5: First Milestone: Quarters

This week on Monday we went for our third visit to Elizabeth Forward Middle School where we tested our remaining two prototypes read more..


Week 4: AweSeven Prototype mode: intensified

This week started off pretty much with the same tasks as last week but in a more intensified manner. Monday was a great day as we got to see the kids in action, read more..


Week 3: AweSeven Prototype mode: enabled

As the title suggests, we are already in prototype mode, which basically means that we will be rapidly developing all our shortlisted ideas into playable demos for read more..


Week 2: Greetings from Team AweSeven

This week started off with rough and hazy ideas for games pertaining to Vocabulary and Math. As planned we brainstormed about ideas and came up with a lot of them, read more..


Week 1: Hello! We are AweSeven!

We are Team AweSeven. Our team comprises of talented individuals who are passionate about developing interactive, engaging and entertaining experiences. Our team  read more..