Today, I decided to introduce our project room and teammates.


First of all, this is our project room.


It’ s very clean(?) and cozy. Wall is covered by the important information that helps us to make the best game.



This is Jerry, our game designer. He is always full of bright ideas. He juggles when he get bored.

He is now thinking about the power-up system we are going to implement.


This is Wenyu, our programmer and associate artist. He has very fast development ability, so everytime we ask something he implements it in an hour.

hour. Also, his animating skill is so awesome!!!!!! He is now fixing a bug of our game.


This is Martin, our programming god. He knows everything about programming. Hmm.. it seems he is playing a mobile game. Let’s see…


No, he was debugging. Sorry Martin!!!


This is Winnie, our Artist. She is very good at drawing concept arts and 3d modeling. She likes instant noodle and every 5:00 pm she laughs with

her signature laughter. She is now modeling the new asset for our game.


This is Sarah, our co-producer, and programmer. She is not only a talented programmer but also awesome 2d cartoon artist. She is also a charismatic

figure of our team. We have to obey….. She is now developing the split-screen view mini-game.


Finally, it’s me. Sorry for the horrible selfie, I took my picture but it was bad, so I took it again.

I’m a co-producer and sound designer of this team and I’m managing blog now.


So, this is a typical day of Black Ice. If you are more interested in, visit our project room!!!