This is the week of soft-opening. As mentioned last week, we were getting ready for the soft-opening at that time and had 3 prototypes ready for soft.
In general, the soft-opening went well. We asked faculties to choose the version they like most to playtest with. Some of them asked us for recommendation, but the most visual appealing one was the 3D toolbox.
The result turned out to be people liked the 3D toolbox a lot, at the same time, the 2D palette seems very intuitive and easy to get on board. Although we already added a lot of visual feedback/indications in the game, all the faculty members and guests are constantly asking for more visual feedback. This made us clearly realized how important the visual feedback is in games, especially VR.
Other than that, we also got feedback afterwards that the control metaphors should stay consistent through each prototype. For example, in the 2D palette UI, if we started with allowing players to interact with the menu with the laser pointer, we should not ask them to design objects which are already on the lot with the tip of that controller diamond.
After discussion among the team about our observation and feedback from the faculties, we started to arrange and working on our documentation. We decided to have 3 different documents which are, playtest documentation, iterations on individual functionalities and a future development ideas to hopefully help extend the product better.