The ETC Logo Style Guide

The visual identity of a program plays an important role in shaping its image. The more consistently the graphic elements are used, the stronger the visual identity and the greater the awareness and recognition of the program.

The Branding Group has provided a style sheet for its identity to make it easy to adopt a stronger, more consistent use of the wordmark, provided here:

ETC Style Guide


Project Research

The Branding Group conducted a heavy research phase at the beginning of the Fall semester, creating an audit of interactive technologies and resources for the project. This research included display technologies, wireless identification systems, wayfinding systems, and ideas for how to treat the interior and exterior space of the Pittsburgh Technology Center.

Web Research Links




Several of our projects completed this year were out of our scope to manufacture in-house. Here is a list of the manufacturers we outsourced work to:

The Extended Branding Team:

Will Bosley, Bowling Alley Lighting
Chris Werner, Building Lighting
Jeff Roberts, Fabrication
Amber Svitek, Mistress of Bobble Heads
Kate Butler, Infomercial Actress
Matt D'Arcangelo, Image Acquisition
Jack Ahl, FMS
Cecile Galea, Sponsor Wall
Greg Butler and Jim Yedinak, Sponsor Wall
Flora Bryan, ETC Pastries
Ricardo Washington, ETC Animations
Carolyn Griffel, Billboard and Brochure



Angelo Ciotti, Landscape Artist
Cindy Limauro, CMU Drama Dept.
David Polinchock, Brand Experience Lab
John Altvater, Forms + Surfaces
Jordene Gates, Interior Designer
Murray Horne, Wood St. Gallery
Patrick Welsh, Architect
Ron Miller, AIP