Week 9: Half Presentation

Seth in the recording studio
Tony graciously assisting us with scratch recording

This week, Campfire continued to improve our intent system, editor tool and develop further on the asynchronous messaging skill and the nonverbal pattern game skill (think of it as an alien communication game). On the design side, we worked on recording scratch voice acting (recordings will run into Monday) to try and fold in our story draft into Phan’s editor tool. After meeting with Brenda this week, we also recorded assets to try and develop a targeted playtest for how users respond to Alexa when she says the same sentence, but in different emotional tones (think flirtatiously, menacingly, etc).

Short list from the week:

Editor Tool

Half Presentation (Video Below)
Twine Story Draft
Scratch Recording – into the weekend
Editor tool updates, intent system updates
Demo using the editor tool

Looking ahead:

Story entered into online editor tool
Scratch recording of story, to test on Echo
Alexa tonal playtest (to test user responses to Alexa’s voice in different emotional tones)
Interaction refinement for in progress interactions (e.g. asynchronous messaging)
Story updates
Training open ended responses
Scheduling for final voice recording
Playtest to Refine Workshop