Hi everyone!

This week we keep iterating our prototypes and received some useful feedback from both our client and instructors.

We did a soft opening play through on Monday. All the faculty came and play test our prototypes. We also showed them our UI/ UX solution to them.

Some of their feedback are listed at below:

1)For video production, we probably need to focus more on lighting and Cozmo personality, especially to shoot Cozmo motion and animation clearly and closely.

2)For UI/ UX design part, we need to keep focusing on one solution( visual style) and make them interactive.

According to instructors’ feedback, we are going to keep iterating the games and re-shoot the videos. Besides of that, we are planning to use Invision to make our UI/UX prototype interactive .

At now we are also preparing for the final presentation, script writing for promotion video and all the other documentation preparation.


This week we have very tight schedule. According to our client feedback which we received last Thursday during meeting. We need to revise almost all the game prototypes.

For example, we need to consider diverse users including special need people. For those games about color, we need to keep in mind that there are almost 12% people are color blind or color weakness. So that we need to change some part of game play to make the games suitable for all kinds of people.

After game revision, we need to re-shoot all the game prototypes. And do video production after that.

We start to do our promotion video on Monday. And keep working on final presentation preparation.