This week we did playtest at Children’s Museum. We held around 10-15 play-tests with young kids aging around 3-7 years old. Their feedback of playing with Cozmo is positive- they love the sound and emotion interaction with Cozmo. They also love controlling the robot moving and lifting the cubes. For boys, they love doing construction by lifting the cubes. They can all have fun playing with Cozmo.

Besides that, We did 4 prototypes of the game ideas.

They are:

Find The Cube –
Maguc 8 Ball –
Red Light Green Light –

We met with visiting guest Jan Bozarth . She is a producer and professional about game and toy market. She gave us many useful information.

Jan Bozarth suggested us to add more content about the emotion about the robot Cozmo, like iterating the expression change of the Cozmo while he is doing certain task. And also, we can design and print out some paper template to decorate Cozmo to make it more humanize. In the meeting with faculty, Ricardo mentioned that we could doing playtest with older age group. Both the toy store and CMU campus can be very good choice.

On Friday, we will have a rehearsal for next week presentation with faculty. We are all working on that now.