Cutting Edge: Week Thirteen

The Work This Week

This week, the team moved closer to completing our rough cut to present next week at Softs. We also finalized our team video trailer to promote our material:

We have decided to not cut any of our scenes, attempting to complete all 14 in time. Faculty and playtesters have expressed satisfaction with our narrative, so it is worth trying to finalize without making any cuts. We plan on playtesting both a version without voiceover, and a version with voiceover. Voiceover seems to help orient guests to the plot, but also brings them out of the immersion slightly.

We will test the without-voiceover version first, see which scenes or moments are confusing for guests, and then add in VO in the moments to clarify our context. The VO we’re using, in order, can be seen here:

Next Week

Next week, we will present our rough cut for the faculty at Softs, and then spend the remaining parts of the semester polishing what we have.