Newsletter Week 6

This week we developed a basic driving demo. Also according to quarters feedback, we are going to include both VR and AR experience in our game.



We got our poster and half-sheet! The big blue guy on our poster looks so charming with one big eyeball on his head!!!

Driving Demo

The 3D model of the car including the interior is done thanks to our artist. Programmer is still working on the technical side. We already have the basic game mechanism for driving, what we need to do now is to let the programmer work with game designers together so that they could figure out the best way for implementing those events. They will test and see when the right moment is to trigger one event.

Game Design

According to the feedbacks we got from our client and faculty, the subway event seems not that good for people to experience color blind. So the designer is trying to rethink a new way for that. At the same time, they are working on the design of driving and chasing.

We had a meeting with Jesse this Tuesday and have got a cool idea from him. He suggested that we could both have VR experience and AR experience in our game. To add to the VR experience, AR would allow users to experience a footage experience of their own which is more realistic and touching. In order to achieve this, we could use the Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear with a normal phone put in it and create an app on the phone. So users would be able to see the world from the camera of the app with filters that simulate different symptoms. Now we are programming a prototype for the AR experience.


We will have playtest before half, so now we are trying to contact medical students to be our playtester. Besides, we have signed up for the ETC Playtest Day (Nov. 1st). These playtests will help us get feedback from players and refine our project.



We will propose the AR idea to our advisers and client, and try to get their approval. Next week designers and programmer will start working on the chasing activity together. Besides, we will try to contact possible playtesters for our project.