Newsletter Week 7

This week, we finished the design for both driving and chasing. Programmers start to replace placeholders with real models. We also tried several symptoms in the AR app.



We are near our Halves-it is the time to show to all what we have done so far. On Monday’s team meeting, we made a detailed list of everyone’s MUST work before Halves which would let us be clear about our stuff and get better prepared for Halves.

 VR Experience

The two game designers have designed a map for both driving activity and chasing activity. Besides, they have developed the narratives that make those activities more reasonable. In the urban area setting, players are required to keep driving on the road until they could find a spare parking spot to park their cars. The challenge would come from the sudden events on the on the road which would be hard to deal with if the player has an eye symptom. We try to make the daily life situation as fun and challenging as possible.

Since the basic design of chasing activity is done, programmer is able to start building the scene for this part. Driving activity is also in progress and would be ready for the playtest next week. The artist has finished the model of urban area so programmers could put their prototype into the right scene and replace the placeholders with real models.

 AR Experience

During the adviser meeting this week, we proposed our idea of AR experience to the advisers. Our advisers quite agree with us. However we all noticed that there are some problems with the view of the cell phone. The biggest problem is that we can’t provide a 3D vision with only one camera of the phone. In order to solve this we did more research and decide to have a try with Poppy 3D and webcam.

At the same time, we add more symptoms to the app so that players could have more experience. We’d like to let the players choose which symptom they would like to experience by themselves so we also designed UI interface for them. Now we have already included 5 different symptoms in the AR experience: Tunnel vision, Oscillopsia, Diplopia, Color blind and Migraine Auras.


While developing, we keep doing research about the eye symptoms. We queried questions with our client and searched the internet. After all the researches, we have acquired a deeper understand of the red-green color blind, tunnel vision and oscillopsia. We also learned more about the patients’ feelings and difficulties from the client. Because it is hard for us to talk to the patients directly so we asked our client to help us with this.


By the end of this week, we set up the goal and procedure of the playtest for next week and collected questions from all team members. In order to get the target audience to be our playtester, we have taken all efforts to contact people. We asked help from friends who are studying at UPITT and sent emails to medicine school and pharmacy school to inviting the students to play our game.



Next week we will test AR with the Poppy 3D device. There will be two important things. One is to conduct the playtest with ETCers and medical students; another is to get prepared for Halfs. And of course, we will keep working on the development of the game.