Newsletter Week 8

This week we held two successful playtests, one with ETC students and the other with some medical students. We tried out Poppy 3D but it is not as good as we expected. We also get preparation for our half presentation.



 AR & VR Experience

We tested AR experience with Poppy 3D, however the device is not as good as we expected. It could create kind of stereo image but the view and display are too limited which would make people feel very unrealistic. So we decided to keep Google Cardboard for temporary use. At the same time, we ordered the webcams which has wide angle lens so that we could test AR based on our third plan. We will use Oculus Rift and two webcams to create the experience.

 Besides, we have successfully implemented five different symptoms on AR platform. The symptoms are: tunnel vision, color blindness, diplopia, oscillopsia and migraine auras. Since the five symptoms went well on AR platform, we also applied those simulation effects to VR experience. Now players are able to drive with various symptoms which would cause them different difficulties.

 Two Playtests

During this week we have conducted two playtests in our project room. The first playtest was a ETC internal test. 11 ETC students in total come to test both AR and VR experiences. We let them play firstly and then fill the questionnaire that we provided. According to their feedback, we found that there were many changes need to be made for the VR experience. So before next playtest with medical students, we added more events, UI and symptoms to the driving prototype which aims to make the experience more challenging and fun.

 What we did received good feedback from the second playtest. The medical students all said that they got a better understanding of each symptom and the difficulties caused by the symptom. They can empathize with the patients more after they had experienced our AR and VR world.

 Preparation for halves

Although we had made an outline for half presentation on Monday, we thought it no longer fits our project since we have done so much refining work to our prototype. So we redo the outline after the two playtests were done. We finished the material for presentation and did a lot of rehearsals on the weekend. 



Next week we will have our half presentation on Monday. After we get the feedback we are going to refine our prototype and revise the schedule in order to finish the development process by soft opening.