Newsletter Week 9

This week we did our half presentation. Our major feedback from the faculty is that they are not clear what we are going to do with AR experience. Our workload is a little bit heavy for our team too. We had a meeting to solve those problems.



Half presentation

We did our half presentation on Monday. Because of adequate preparation, we successfully delivered the work done since quarter to the faculty and got some valuable feedbacks on improving our design. Besides we kept working on developing the project.


It seems that some faculty worried if we could finish all the content we planned to implement in time. Actually, to implement all 5 symptoms for both driving and chasing activities is not the best solution to the project considering our goal and development cycle. So we decided to do 3 symptoms with driving and 2 with chasing after we tested those symptoms and found out which activity they suit best. This plan is not over scope and fits our project well. On the other hand, we will design more tasks for the players to do in AR experience based on halves feedback.

 AR Research

This week we tested AR experience with Oculus and two webcams. Now we have achieved the initial success that we set up the hardware and made it working. However, we still need to do more work to adjust the setting in order to create the stereo vision.



We will get more detailed feedback from our advisers by next Monday and will improve our project based on the feedback. Next week we also need to coordinate a meeting with the first year students who is shadowing our project and give them a basic sense of what a semester long project would be look like.