Newsletter Week 10

 This week we change a lot. First we add more activities to augmented reality experience. Second we decide to implement three symptoms with driving and two with chasing. We also hold a playtest with 12 players. They experience both AR and  VR experience.



We had a meeting with Jesse this week and discussed about possible way of interaction in AR experience. Basically Jesse was in the same way with us that we’d like to give the players some tasks to accomplish in the real world. We got valuable feedback from Jesse and will think more about AR design.


After halves we have decided to implement three symptoms with driving and two symptoms with chasing. Since we were done with one symptom for driving, we still need to develop two more driving prototypes and chasing prototypes. This week we successfully carried out a new prototype for driving activity and a new prototype for chasing activity as we planned. We started from map design, and then let the artist build the models. At the same time programmer would come up with a rough prototype which has all the basic gameplay implemented. Finally we integrated everything and conducted a playtest during the weekend.


According to our current design, both AR and VR experiences would be on Oculus. So the artist was working on designing a complete version of UI for Oculus and has done with two paper prototype. One is more medical and one is more gamified.


We did a playtest with 12 testers aged from 14 to adult. This playtest was mainly focus on the two new VR prototype and UI design. We had the testers played our game and filled the questionnaire. We could see that we should draw their attention to the eye disorder simulation more instead of just saying driving and chasing, because our goal is not to create an exciting racing game but to let people experience the difficulty of those symptoms.



Next week we will continue implementing VR prototypes and UI. Besides, we will have a meeting with client. We expect to hear the feedback about our simulations and prototypes from the client and do refining work based on it.