Newsletter Week 11

This week we mainly focused on continue implementing our prototypes as we planned. We finished setting up the hardware for Ar. After sending some screenshots to the client we also had some feedback from him during the meeting.


Feedback from Client

We had a meeting with our client Erle on Monday. Erle commented on the sample pictures of the abnormal vision simulation effects that we created. He still hasn’t got the Oculus Rift so he was not able to check the effect of Diplopia-a symptom that is hard to judge without Oculus. But overall he was very satisfied with our work. He thought the effect of Oscillopia can be better and Color Blindness does not fit driving activity very well because players won’t pay much attention to the color of the surroundings while they are driving. We have already fixed these two problems from both design and programming sides.

AR & VR Experience

We set up the hardware for AR experience by attaching two webcams to our Oculus Rift DK2. After adjust the webcams to the right position and angle, we applied five abnormal vision simulation effects to AR experience.

We kept implementing the prototypes for VR experience.



We will come up with the narrative for VR experience and the task design for AR experience next week. Besides, we plan to finish the programming for all prototypes except for the narrative part by next week.