Newsletter Week 12

This week, we finally decided 5 best activities for players. We also think of some narratives for VR experience since this will help the players feel more engaging. We asked some professors to help us with the narratives.


 AR activity

In former playtest, many players expressed their willing to have some task to do with Augmented Reality experience. Actually this is part of our plan and we have already designed 5 activities for the players. Players will be asked to do the Ishihara Test with Color Blindness, unlock a combination lock with Diplopia or read a book with Migraine Auras and so on. By doing activities, players would feel the difficulty that brought by the specific symptom in real life.

VR Narrative

We have been thinking of narrative for VR experience since we started to implement our application. In order to give the player a sense of why they are requested to accomplish the task in the game, we consider that a narrative would be helpful. Our designers came up with 4 different short narratives and discussed them with the whole team. The narratives are very realistic and make sense, but our concern is that the narrative are still kind of complex and will take us much of time to implement it. So we are trying to shorten and simplify the narrative. We also sent the narrative to Chris and Brenda to see if they have any comment on that, so we can polish it more.


There will be a group of Pharmacy students from UPITT come to ETC for a tour. We will conduct a playtest by then because they are related to the medical school and may give our more professional feedback.