Newletter Week 13

This week, we changed our narrative according to the feedback we got from the faculty. We also implemented UI. On Friday, we held a playtest with 8 pharmacy students.



VR Narrative

We changed our narrative after we got feedback from Chris. Chris reminded us that our main goal is to let the player experience abnormal vision. However our narrative has too much dramas which may draw their attention away from what we really want them to do. What he suggested is very important to us. Finally we compressed the narrative into one sentence. Now it is more like a description of a given situation which is much shorter than the old one but still make sense.


UI design for application using Oculus Rift is different from general UI design which needs the designer to be more careful. Because the image in the Oculus is curved and the vision in Oculus is very limited, UI designer must make sure that the UI elements are readable in Oculus. In order to do that, we need to test the UI elements with Oculus again and again to find the best size and position for them. Though the task is tough, we eventually made it after our artist had created the fifth version of UI.


We did a playtest with a group of 8 Pharmacy students from UPITT this Friday. It was a well-organized playtest from which we received a lot of valuable feedback about the control and the gameplay. We will improve our application based on their comments in the next step.


This upcoming week we will have the Soft Openings, where the project will be showcased and critiqued. We will also be creating our promotional video and doing one more playtest with health care students from UPITT.