Newsletter Week 14

This week we had our soft opening. We showed our demo to the faculties and got a lot of practical feedback from them. Besides, according to the reaction of faculty, we find out that color blindness is not a good symptom for the chasing activity. We decide to add a new symptom – optic neuritis.



Soft Opening

We got our demo with all the functions and features that we designed prepared before Soft Opening. Considering the time limitation, we could had some faculty only had our Augmented reality experience and some only had the Virtual reality experience.

Our goal is to allow players to experience the abnormal vision and learn the difficulty of the patients in a realistic and intuitive way. Part of the faculty felt that our demo really make sense of our goal after they have played our game, however part of them didn’t have a very pleasant experience due to different reasons. Firstly, because they could only experience part of our demo, it was hard for them to get the whole idea. Besides, we still had several issue about the hardware such as the device is too heavy, the resolution of the camera is low and Oculus is not nearsightedness-friendly.

Overall the showcase was of great significant. We will take the practical feedback from the faculty seriously and keep polishing our game in the last few weeks.

New Symptom

Judging from the faculty’s reaction, we realized that Color Blindness is not a good choice for our game. Color Blindness is too mild comparing to other symptoms so it can’t bring an experience as challenging as others to the player. And as a result, we could hardly achieve our goal with this symptom.

To solve this problem, we decided to add a new symptom which is more severe than Color Blindness to our demo. Optic Neuritis is a variable abnormal vision condition and can present with the combination of different symptoms. The one we choose to include in our game combines blurring of vision and loss of some color vision. We added Optic Neuritis to the Augmented Reality experience and replaced Color Blindness with the new symptom in Virtual Reality experience. For now we have 6 symptoms for AR experience and 5 for VR experience and they all function well now.


We have conducted a playtest with healthcare students this Sunday. As we expected, they learned more about abnormal vision and got better understanding of the patients’ difficulty from our game. This feedback from our target audience could be proof that we have achieved our primary goal.

Promotion Video

Except for polishing our work, we also did the shooting for our promotion videos. Basically everyone explained our application and how it works to meet the needs of the client. We will put a short record of our client talked about the project in the promotion video, too.




Next week is the last week before Finals. Our main goal should focus on getting everything prepared for Final presentation. This includes finishing implementing our game demo, preparing for the presentation and all the production work. Since we are at the 9/10 stage of the whole process now, we will be ready for Finals by next week.