Newsletter Week 15

This week we presented our game in the BVW Festival. It’s a big success. We had a lot of visitors and could feel people were really into it and understood the difficulties of patients. Besides, we updated our AR device and also start to prepare for the final presentation.


 BVW Festival

This Wednesday was the BVW Festival. Our game was very popular during the festival that there was always a group of visitors in our project room playing or watching our game. The visitors were very surprised at what they could see with the abnormal vision conditions that we simulated. They said they had never imagined that the world would like this from the patients’ perspective, but now they can understand the situation. That’s actually what we want to achieve by letting players play our game and experience the difficulty of patients.

AR Device

Thanks to ETC support, we got our webcams attached to the Oculus with a more stable and advanced device. With the AR device we could adjust the position and tilt of the camera easily so that it could fit with different people’s interpupillary distance.

Preparation of Final Presentation

While kept polishing our program, we prepared for the Final Presentation also. We created an outline for the presentation together which tells the whole story of what we did and achieved for our project this semester.



Next week we will do rehearsal for final presentation before Friday on which we will present our final product to the entire faculty. Besides, we will ship our AR device to our client in Singapore.