Project Name

picoCTF 2014 Hacking Competition


Project Description

Ever thought hacking was an insurmountable task? Ever felt daunted while looking at the complexity of computer science questions? We did. But fear no more, for Team Daedalus has set out on a task to create a competitive yet educational game to help you learn about and enjoy the exciting world of computer security and computer science. Daedalus is working directly with the Plaid Parliament of Pwning (CMU Hacking Team) to design and develop the game used in the crowd pleasing nation-wide high school hacking competition, picoCTF 2014. We aim to create an innovative game to attract a broad audience and jump start their interest in the computer sciences while maintaining the integrity, legitimacy and distinctive feel of picoCTF.


Team Members

Edwin Aw – Producer

Justin Yong – Designer

Ryan Shen – Lead Programmer

Lilian Qian – 2D Artist

Jimit Bhalani – Programmer

Yiting Zhi – Programmer

Xinghu Lu – Programmer



Plaid Parliament of Pwning (PPP) – Carnegie Mellon University Competitive Hacking Team



View our project schedule here.