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Quarter Presentations

February 23rd, 2012 | Posted by mstewar1 in Presentations

Last week we had quarter walk around presentations, where faculty and staff were invited to join us in our project room for an overview of our work. This provided us with a lot of great feedback about the research we have done, the mechanic we have chosen, and learning concepts we hope to convey. We presented a simple proof of concept that illustrated how our physical building blocks will correspond to the virtual world. The faculty were invited to play with a turtle and a butterfly in our virtual world, where they could move them around, paint them, and add some animation to the objects.

We received a lot of great advice about questions we were struggling with surrounding our project:

  • – Think about what actually happens when the child enters the space
  • – How do get from a simple construction to the more complex concepts
  • – What concepts are we trying to teach?
  • – How long is the experience?
  • – What is the takeaway?

The feedback we received led to a long and arduous design meeting on Friday, where we defined a clear path and set goals for halves, and started to define our initial learning concepts for the age demographic .

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