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March 8. Playtest 3

March 23rd, 2012 | Posted by hyunjooo in Play test

On March 8th we had our 3rd playtest, but since it was GDC week we didn’t have enough hands to record. However, it was a very meaningful time to get lots of useful feedback from the visiting scholars and professionals who were visiting the museum that day. The development from the 2nd playtest to the 3rd one involved changing the material and shape of blocks (wooden blocks!) and the implementation of new function blocks: background and size. ┬áThese enabled people to be engaged in this experience more.

Below is the 3rd playtest notes:
1. Play testers figured out how to change the background well and showed higher interests (because of showing drastic visual change)
2. Play testers liked the visual on the screen as well as the block design
3. Play testers still had a hard time arranging without templates
4. Play testers asked about the principle of the installation
5. Play testers asked us to think about more context around the installation
6. Play testers suggested to add more detail to the symbol on the block (ex, alien wearing a snorkel)
7. Play testers suggested the wheel figure for the size block to let size change more precisely

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