A resource-gathering survival game where players chart a hostile alien planet, gather and refine resources, and recolonize a clan of survivors .

Real-Time Strategy

Real-Time Resource Management sustains the colony and their mechanical Fortress–the shelter’s maneuvering is done through hex tiles.


Manage each survivor’s hunger and energy.

Cosmic Landscape

Players will endure through cosmic tornadoes and harsh planet conditions.

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Development Blog

Follow along as we develop The Exodus.

Final Presentation

Final Presentation Video: Check out the presentation slides here!

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Week 14

Healthy has put together an intro cinematic to help players that wanted a bit more context when they enter our game for the first time. As you can see, we[…]

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Week 13

This week at Soft Opening, we got feedback that we should really be pushing to complete our tutorial as soon as possible, as a major milestone in completing a shippable[…]

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Project EXODUS


EXODUS is the second and final development team of the Entertianment Technology Center’s first Yearlong Game Project. In Spring 2019, the first team created high-level game design and technical documentation for a single-player survival game with real-time strategy elements. The player should strategically move the survivor’s home base, send survivors to gather and refine resources, and develop a plan to rescue more survivors. Along with a prototype, the first team laid groundwork for art assets and level designs. EXODUS is implementing the documentation strategically, building on the fundation left by the previous team. Our team faces the challenge of building on top of a previously built codebase while adding multiple new systems in a cohesive fashion. We are incorporating more design elements based on a “follow the fun” mentality, letting playtests drive the game’s weekly iteration cycle. The final and most crucial element to the design process will be in balancing the game until it is finished. EXODUS is also develpping the unique artistic vision left by last Spring’s team. Their concept art portrays a somber, yet tense cosmic planet with bright foliage and limited consumable resources. With two 3D artists and two technical artists, our assets and interface will be polished and refined to a professional quality. Finally, EXODUS will publish the game on a digital distribution platform.


Exodus media and screenshots.

The Brigade

Putting out small fires one week at a time.

Varun Mehra

Technical Artist/Programmer

Personal Website

Healthy Moeung



Julian Ochoa

Game/Level Designer


Keran Sui



Hongzhu Zhao

Technical Artist/Programmer


Become A Playtester

Download Exodus using the link on our home page, and let us know what you think! If you share your email address with us, we will be happy to send you a playtester form to help us improve the next build. Thanks for playing!