200 years ago, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was published. It would go on to define a genre and completely change the way we look at the science behind life and death. Our clients, the CMU Libraries, asked us to look at this prescient tale and show its emotional core to a new audience through new technology. They gave us the 2018 edition of the original Shelley text to use as a base.

Centering around the theme of rejection, our VR and installation-based experience tells the story from Frankenstein’s creature’s perspective- his creation at the hands of Victor, his rejection by humanity, and, ultimately, his transformation into a true monster.

We hope to use this experience to inspire empathy in guests by allowing them to live what the creature went through, as well as give them an authentic retelling of Shelley’s novel.

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Oculus Touch + Physical Installation


Posner Hall @ CMU


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