The Team


Carey Davenport (2D Artist / Sound Designer)

Unsatisfied with the state of the public education system, I decided to adopt my younger brother’s idea of following a dream. I have gone from public educator to program manager over the past 8 years of my professional career. Now, I am excited to be a student at the place known as “The Dream Fulfillment Factory”. I am honored and gracious that I have been accepted into this program.I love traditional art, writing and recording music, playing my bass guitar, working with photoshop, playing games (video and board games), and last but not least spending time with my family.


Elwin Lee (Co-Producer / Designer)

Elwin was born in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology with focus on designing interactive products and systems by combining technology and design. He has worked on various projects from designing innovative lighting concepts to research oriented design cases. Throughout the years, he has traveled around the world to explore different cultures, try their local cuisines and worked in countries such as Japan and New Zealand to gain international experience and multidisciplinary skills. His passion for design, technology and video gaming has always been his motivation to become a designer. In his spare time Elwin indulges himself with real-time strategy games, enjoy tasting food and practice the art of Kendo.

Elwin is currently pursuing a degree in Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon where he loves to get involved with interaction design, game development and location based entertainment. As a designer, he strives for meaningful design that matters, interactions that are simple yet complex and versatile, and creating designs to enrich your experiences.


Jennifer Sheu (Co-Producer / Artist)

Jennifer has had a lifelong passion for art, entertainment and technology in all forms. During high school, she enrolled in a variety of traditional and digital art courses, and co-founded a successful anime club. In addition to her accounting studies, she enrolled in 3D and Flash Animation courses through USC’s Information Technology Program with plans to apply all of these skills towards her career goals.

As a graduate student at the Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center, Jennifer will continue to “level up” her production and 2D/3D art skills, and work towards becoming a producer at a company in the entertainment industry.


Kaiyang Zhang (Designer)

Kai came from China. With programming background, he is learning how to be a designer at the ETC. As a core gamer, Kai has played almost 20 years video games (Most of them are PC) and has developed his talent for determining what makes a game or a level appealing to others. Kai love to stay with his friends and he is interested in Multi- player games which can bring everyone together virtually.


Megan Johns (Programmer / Level Designer)

During her undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University, Megan majored in computer science specializing in computer graphics and animation. In her senior year she took graduate courses in Maya, and developed a passion for 3D modeling and animation which she continues to study today.Megan’s work experiences includes programming and 2D animating with Flash at Five Star Development in Pittsburgh, and 3D modeling and texturing with Maya and Photoshop on the Alice Project at CMU.


Pei-Lin Lu (Programmer)

Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, Pei-Lin has been fascinated with video games since her childhood when she got a Nintendo 64 game console. From then on, she was deeply attracted and immersed in the the creative playing system. She was playing games on PC, GB, PSP, PS2, Wii, and Xbox in high school and university, which developing the knowledge of game technology. The interest of playing gradually changed into the desire of designing her own games. Being driven from the dream, she choosed to become a gameplay programemr at that time.During her undergraduate studies in Computer science and Information Engineering , she has been making a persistent effort to become an outstanding programmer through intensive exprience. She participated in the Intelligent Multimedia System Lab as a research assistant and kept on academic research for computer graphic, internetworking, and mobile computing.

After graduated from college, she decided to pursue a master degree at Entertainment Technology Center in Pittsburgh. She was so excited being exposed to a diversity of cultures, the lastest multimedia techniques and the broad course arrangement. She is ready to face new challenges in such a great environment, as well as eager to bring some innovative, interesting and creative thought to the program.

With highly enthusiasm, she looks forward to progressing advanced skills and ideas of both programming and game design.


 Seewon Park (2D Artist / Designer)

Having a background in Chemistry, I sought for something that was more interactive. After playing games for several years I began to modify them in order to make it more interesting. During my undergrad, I took many electives focused on art, culture, music and on. After graduating Seoul National University, I started my second bachelors degree in the field of multimedia technology. After two years of training as a producer/designer, I’ve got my second degree and proceeded to a masters degree course in the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University. After being a sound designer and a texture artist in BVW(building virtual worlds) class I joined the current project as a 2D artist and level designer, to improve his artistic skills.
I am capable of modeling, sound editing, scripting along with my main skills. Due to that I understand the whole process and is able to backup any role in emergencies. My goal is to become a game designer who is capable of discussing the work process in depth with other specialists of that field. I am also very interested in understanding and analyzing the users thoughts, especially in a testing situation. Considering to study further on, I spends my free time not only playing games, but also reading academic articles of that field.


Shaveen Kumar (Programmer / Technical Artist)

Very passionate about playing and creating video games. A hardcore tech/gadget freak. Love to travel and experience life to the fullest.


Drew Davidson (Advisor)

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