Project Description

Future Tech is a team of talented and dedicated individuals based at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center Pittsburgh campus who are working on a game modification for the highly acclaimed video game title Sid Meier’s Civilization V. The team is working with 2K Games and Firaxis Games to devise inspiring and innovative methods to raise awareness of real world issues in a virtual environment. We will also partner with organizations and projects related to the issues. We aim to impact players from around the world. The mod will engage and challenge the player’s creativity with multiple ways of playing and winning. The player’s choices made over the course of the game will determine the magnitude of the resulting impact on the cause being highlighted. Future Tech will focus strongly on the interaction and game mechanics, create our own art style, and design a community to encapsulate the global issue and promote further discussion.

As a community, we can raise global awareness and effect change by using “Civ For Change”!


Deliverable + Goals

Our deliverable for the project is to present 2K/Firaxis with a mod prototype and design document as well as a social concept design document.

Future Tech’s goals for this project are to teach our target audience that:
+ Human trafficking still exists today
+ How it occurs
+ Its magnitude
+ Its impact on an individual and societal level






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