Week 16 Newsletter

This is the last week of the semester, we are having the final presentation and demo day. During the last presentation, we looked back the semester and thought about what we have learned and what could have been done better. Our lessons include how to work with HoloLens based on its features and limitations, how […]

Week 15 Newsletter

This week we are recording our promotion video, and prepare for the final presentation. To recording the promotion video, we shoot our team’s interviews, the game play clips, a third person view of the game play and a drone view of the team. We used the game studio’s sound recording room as our interview room, […]

Week 14 Newsletter

This week we are polishing our experience. We are making changes based on the feedback we had. And we are fixing the bugs. The biggest thing we are working on is giving the agent more situations to react. Right now the agent has only limited lines to respond the player’s performance. We are adding much […]

Week 13 Newsletter

This week, we went through the soft opening. During the soft opening, we had a lot of feedback from our guests. We will make changes to our game according to these feedback.   The most common feedback from our play testers is the game play difficulty. Although this is just a 5 minute experience, the […]

Week 12 Newsletter

This week is the last week before soft opening. We have to get things done and make sure no bugs still exist in the build. In the past weeks, we found that the building/testing/debugging pipeline is really slow. So this week, we changed our building and testing process. We made sure that same scene can […]

Week 11 Newsletter

There are only two weeks before the soft opening now. And we are pushing on the production schedule. This week, we are trying to make sure we can have all art and sound assets before the soft opening. In order to achieve that goal, we have listed all the SFX and art assets for production. […]

Week 10 Newsletter

This week, we are having the half presentation on Wednesday. The presentation is taking place in a big conference room and the audience are mainly EA employees. After the presentation, we showed our demo to the audience and got plenty of feedbacks. The presentation is mainly focused on the development process. We talked about the […]

Week 9 Newsletter

This week, we are planning for the half-semester presentation. Basically we did three things. We made a set up tool to make sure the play space can be correctly scanned and everything can be placed on the right position. We made the white ghost playable and had a  test scene running on Windows PC to […]

Week 8 Newsletter

This week, we are enriching our gameplay by implementing more features and adding two different types of ghosts. We also recorded more temporary voice over lines and put them in the experience. Right now, we have three different types of ghosts. White ghost. Classic white ghost covered with white blanket. Fly towards the player until the […]

Week 7 Newsletter

This week, we had the weekly faculty meeting and we realized that we need to pivot our focus from features to the core of the project, which is the agent. Before last week, we were mainly focusing on the gameplay and all the cool features that we were interested in. However, the goal of this project […]