The Team V.T. is in Room 2317/15. Come to visit us!


Meet our team members:

Cintia HigashiCintia Higashi <>

As a programmer, what really interested me in this project was the possibility of making a virtual tour more realistic and fun. Also the fact that it would be in a place still to be built on a very high building. I would love to make this experience as wonderful as going to an existing famous high point in the world. I will put a lot of work to make it possible and I also expect to learn a lot with this experience.
Sean McChesneySean McChesney <>

As the producer for this project I am extremely excited. I have a great team of student peers and we are all working on our first fifteen week project here at the ETC. Being able to create a platform that allows guests and investors to explore a proposed venue prior to construction pairs with my enjoyment for travel and entertainment perfectly. As with creating any unique platform experience we foresee many challenges to come and approach them headstrong.
Siddhesh VichareSiddhesh Vichare <>

As a programmer I am interested in processing the Gigapans and using them efficiently in the game engine to output the best possible quality of the wonderful panorama that is visible from the top of the U.S. Steel Tower. I would like to bring this panoramic view to everyone’s computer in a fun, personalized and interactive way through the Virtually There Online project.

Sun-Moon HwangSun-Moon Hwang <>
3D & 2D Artist

Worked on architecture preservation project at Seoul National University which redefined old meaningful architectures by modifying them. Virtual space design sounds interesting because just like my previous project, it can bring out all the possibilities that could be done in reality to redefine certain space. High Point Pittsburgh project and Virtually There Online project will examine these possibilities and make them tangible…in virtual space.