Team V.T. Newsletters

Week One (01/20/2012)
Joining the parts to create a whole


Week Two (01/27/2012)
Connecting to the social world

Week Three (02/3/2012)
Bringing life to the experience

Week Four (2/10/2012)
Bringing life to the experience

Week Five (2/17/2012)
A media frenzy revolving Team VT

Week Six (2/24/2012)
Preparing for the half way point

Week Seven (3/5/2012)
Spring Break & Spring Cleaning

Week Eight (3/15/2012)
Approaching the half-way point


Week Nine (3/20/2012)
Half way to Virtual

Week Ten (3/27/2012)
It’s time for ‘Pretty’

Week Eleven (4/2/2012)
Guest Test and Iterate

Week Twelve (4/9/2012)
Beginning of the End


Week Thirteen (4/16/2012)
One Week Left

Week Fourteen (4/23/2012)
Spreading the word