i4i is a semester-long project of Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center, a Masters program that fosters leadership in education and research by combining technology and fine arts to create new processes, tools, and visions for storytelling and entertainment.

The i4i team is working with the Federation of American Scientists and the Walters Art Museum to develop Discover Babylon, an interactive museum exhibit. The experience will use video gaming strategies and digital environments to guide learners ages 11-13 in developing a better understanding and appreciation of Mesopotamian culture.

We are focusing this semester on creating a 5 min kiosk-based video game experience that immerses the player in a palace in the ancient city of Nimrud. The player can explore the palace, search for artifacts from the Walters Art Museum's Far East Collection to see them as they would have existed, and talk to many characters of the palace to learn more about the significance of the Walters artifacts and Mesopotamian life.