Readers via Slashdot, welcome! Note that the last major changes to this CMU student project website were in early 2005 when our team members were still graduate students at CMU. For more recent information about Interbots' work, please visit our spin-off company's website at:

Interbots is a company dedicated to creating compelling interactive characters who enable memorable interactions with their guests. We believe in technological transparency: technology should support the experience, not be the experience.

Creating wholly-formed physical characters from scratch requires the work of many people from a number of disciplines. Our team includes people with backgrounds in robotics, mechanical and electrical engineering, industrial design, show control systems, graphic design, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, psychology, and theater.

Interbots spun out of academic research conducted at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center The ETC is a 2-year Master's Degree Program that brings students from artistic and technical backgrounds together to work on innovative projects.

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