Give Me Your Gun is an attempt to bring a game designer’s sensibility of player agency and interactivity into the world of live theatre. The closest thing to a label we can conjure for this medium is digitally crowd-sourced theater or Twitch meets the Stage. This game touches on the controversial topic of gun ownership in American, and has the transformational of understanding the motivations and communicating respectfully with people of opposing viewpoints. The experience itself will be showcased at the Games for Change Festival in June 2016.

In the game, the audience needs to guide a conversation that is happening on stage to a meaningful conclusion by keying in questions on a web application. There is also a voting system where players can see questions from other audience members and upvote them. Questions with the highest number of votes are voiced through one of the actors on stage. The game is to ask meaningful questions that unlock certain key facts that unlock the character’s backstory and reveal her true motivations.