Week 16 – Finals

It’s hard to believe that an entire semester has just flown by. This week, we gave our final presentation and demonstration. Being the very first group to go can be a bit nerve wrecking, butt we also have the benefit of completing our work before everyone else (:

Here are some of the main feedback the faculty gave us:

  1. “Failing our way to success” is a clever phrase, but are we really there yet, given that the actual event hasn’t taken place yet?
  2. Pop-up to force audience attention to the stage during a key fact reveal is good.
  3. Will our monitoring/filtering of questions scale well to 40 or even 80 people? Will we need an abrupt early “you’re not playing nice, learn Improv!” type ending if we have some contrarian audience members?
  4. How much monitoring/filtering are we actually doing, and at which points in the experience? If we have good notes about our frequency of intervention, we could write up an interesting report onour work in crowdsourced theater.
  5. How did we go from 4 to 7 key facts? Why those specific numbers?
  6. The point about giving timely feedback, so they realize they have agency is a good one, along with various techniques like breaking the 4th wall.
  7. This is a very unique and interesting approach toward ETC Games for Change work!

I’d like to say it’s over, but it’s not, because our deliverable is to showcase the game at the Games for Change Festival in New York City at the end of June. No matter, it’s been a great semester and all of us and we look forward to it!