Playable Versions

Rumble Blocks - The Game


Here are various versions of our prototype. Simply extract the files from the .zip folder and run the application!

*To install on an Android device, you will need a file browser, such as  Astro File Manager.  Browse to the .apk file on your device and run to install.  Your device may ask you to allow installations from unknown sources, if so, you can find the setting in: Settings>Application Settings> Unknown Sources. If you get  “Parse Error”, make sure you downloaded the right .apk for your Android device’s OS version*


Gold Build (Finals)

The newest version has several changes

-Added a City world

-Added an ending cutscene

-Polished several aspects, including the intro cutscene and tutorials

-New voiceovers and audio

-Different alien colors

-Revised levels from playtest feedback

Download the Gold Build for PC

Download the Gold Build for Mac

Download the Gold Build for Android 2.2 (Froyo)

Download the Gold Build for Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

Beta Build (Softs)

This version has several changes, some of which are:

-Added a Tutorial & Help Images

-Levels in 3 environments

-Updated User Interface Art (UI)

-More Art & Sound

-Android Build

-Improved Checkpoint Mechanic

-Win State Screen

-Title Screen

-Intro Cinematic

Download the Beta Build for PC

Download the Beta Build for Android 2.3

Download the Beta Build for Android 3.0

Halves Game Build

Our newest version has many new features, including:

-Themed art assets

-Particle effects

-Proper feeling of weight when dragging objects

-A “checkpoint” system to help guide structure creation

-Refined physics (friction, mass, etc)



Tuning the Physic Mechanics

This version, Illuminate_Drag, features our “Drag” mechanic, in which physics is active at all times, allowing the player to move objects around as much as they want.


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