Week 9 & 10 : March 21, 2014

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”

todo task listWeek 9 was our Spring Break at the school and week 10 was the Game Developers Conference so the team was not physically together, but with the approaching halves presentation and the recent playtest feedback that we had received, the team collaborated remotely to work on the project.

We had prioritized the tasks to be done over the spring break immediately after returning from the client site. A To-Do worksheet was made and tasks were assigned to everyone on the team. The artists worked together to polish animations on the previous models and also created two new fish species viz. Puffer Fish and Great Barracuda. The designers made some quick decisions post playtest sessions like changing our 3 touch interaction with the fish to two touch interaction, which our developers changed it as per the new design. We also fixed minor glitches by making the snapshot feature smoother and tweaked the fish AI to make it look more realistic. All this was possible because of the valuable feedback that we received at the Mountainview, Elementary School by interacting with the students and teachers there. As per the teachers’ suggestion we also decided to include quest mechanic which will be implemented soon in future.

To prepare towards our halves presentation every person on the team took charge of preparing their own slide and as per the assigned task we had a rough presentation flow ready.

Even with the team not being physically together the team managed to complete good amount of work in terms of fixing errors, tweaking animations and design changes. Next week we will be prepare and practice for our halves presentation which is on Wednesday, March 26, 2014. The work on art production will continue and also implementing some new designs modifications.