Week 11: March 28, 2014

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions”
-Ken Blanchard

The team worked hard to prepare for the halves presentation which was on the Wednesday, March 26. The feedback received from the faculty and peers was very helpful based on which the team prepared a new task list to achieve the set milestones.

After 2 weeks of remote working and busy conferences, the team was now altogether back in the dugout (Pittsburgh, ETC). Good amount of work was done in preparing the individual presentation slides last week. So we compiled those slide decks and added other important information. Making presentation is not enough practicing was the key. We practiced our presentation as well as our Live Demo. We realized that the HDMI output was messing with the gyroscope of the tablet hence we decided to skip that and instead used a camera to project our live demo. The presentation was good with few minor glitches. The team also received good feedback from faculty and friends. There were concerns about teacher involvement and to solve this, the team decided to work on the new feature, “Quests”. This new feature will be designed keeping the teachers into consideration, as we feel that they play an important role in the students learning.
Apart from that the never ending development of art assets continued. We made a priority list of the species of fish to be made. The team also discussed the short term and long term goals and set milestones for every individual to work on. We discussed all the three important aspects viz., the user interface, the quest mechanic and the asset development. We also designed a short quest which will be prototyped soon.

Next week, on Saturday we will be playtesting out latest updated version. We plan to prototype 1 quest, develop 2 new fish and implement the snapshot picture saving user interface element before the event. We will also collect teachers’ feedback for our overall quest feature.halves presentation