The Team

Siddhant ShahSiddhant is a User Experience Designer. He is also the Producer on this project. After completing his bachelors in Information technology he is now pursing his Masters in Entertainment Technology. Siddhant is an excellent team player and a thorough user centric designer. His background in technology and passion for design brings in a very balanced skill-set for the team.





Jimin is the User Experience Designer for this project. With a undergraduate degree in Film and Digital Media, she constantly strives to provide a immersive experience to the users. Being an active listener and keen observer, she translates user feedback into developing better interaction designs for the project.





Roma DaveRoma is the Technical Artist of our team. After completing her Bachelors in Information Technology, Roma came to Carnegie Mellon University to pursue Masters of Entertainment Technology Center. Here at the Entertainment Technology Center, she honed her 3D modeling and animation skills using software tools like Blender and Maya. Her interests in both, computer graphics and 3D Art, urged her to pursue Technical Arts. Currently, she is developing her skills by working on OpenGL and Python.




Bo HsuanBo works as an Artist on this project. He always carries a small sketchbook which contains tons of crazy concept designs and images created from my imagination. The creativity in him seems unstoppable, especially when it comes to the making of characters. He grew up with games and animation, and they are extremely appealing to him, not only because of their astonishing visual effects but also because they can create a fascinating world based on human imagination. In order to pursue his dream, he spends every awake moment honing his skills. His dream is to create great art work for next generation games




PAVANI Adarshkumar_editedAdarsh is an interaction programmer with a focus on tactile, real-world gadgetry. Implementing next-gen hardware to leverage the user experience with modern interactive media, is an ongoing journey of his that incorporates all aspects of his life from his professional studies to his innate passion. He is working with the Unity 3D Engine to create an immersive underwater experience for this project.





Ojas SawantOjas is the Technology Programmer for this project. With his passion for technology and skills in  Unity 3D, he finds innovative ways to implementing interactions for the underwater experience. Being a highly creative individual, he constantly thinks about improving the user-experience, along with improving the aesthetics of the environment with Shaders and Particle systems.





Mike Christel





 Jessica Trybus